10 Comics With Hilarious Twists That Poke Fun At Modern Society


Looking at life from a more mysterious and slightly alien viewpoint, artist and illustrator Ryan Kramer, well-known as ToonHole Ryan, provided an odd way of looking at the world hilariously overtime.

Bringing together both comedic and creative talents, Ryan and his friends Mike, Chris, and John give the readers hilarious twists to the affairs of the world and poke fun at some of the big societal falls.

Ryan, who’s currently directing at Warner Bros on Looney Tunes, revealed that he loves raising children, enjoys science, exercise, and meditation aside from making comics. Just recently, a book called ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging’ was published by the writer, a collection packed with his funny comics.

The ToonHole group has nevertheless been together since 2011 and has since drawn over a thousand comics. Here’s their recent 35 best that ends with an entirely hilarious twisted plot. Love it!

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