15 Companies Who Put Their Customers Ahead of Everything


More companies are recognizing the need to broaden their services and products to be more inclusive. There are wheelchair-friendly toys, grocery carts, and motorcycles, among other things. Product inclusivity has a favourable emotional impact in addition to making daily duties much easier. It’s a sign that the user is seen as a unique individual with unique demands that are taken into account and cherished.

We feel that when we become more considerate of other people’s needs, the world becomes a much brighter place. Through their unique products, these companies gave their customers a warm hug.

“There’s a doll with Down Syndrome in our local shop,”

© Moves_like_Norris/Reddit

“A wheelchair-accessible motorcycle.”

© whileinchina/Reddit

’’ Kids can enjoy free fruit while shopping with their parents at my local grocery store.

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“Here in Germany, my local supermarket offers special shopping carts for individuals in wheelchairs.”

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“My new microwave has a silent mode, so I can cook late at night without waking anyone up.”

© Clown_corder/Reddit

“Christmas cards for people who have two fathers or two mothers,”

© MaritimeRedditor/Reddit

“A magnifying glass is available at my local supermarket for persons with poor vision to read product descriptions.”

© AeVeeO/Reddit

“My phone charger has braille on it so that blind people can identify it.”

© cabbagesforsale/Reddit

“At my local grocery shop, parking for expectant mothers is reserved.”

© Monstermart/Reddit

“At my local Tokyo supermarket, loaves of bread with 4, 5, or 6 slices are available.”

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“The total volume of each loaf is the same; the thickness of each slice varies.”

“This supermarket in Italy features dog-friendly trolleys.”

© Willhelm2202/Reddit

“The pool at my hotel includes a handicapped entrance ramp.”

© PlaneShenaniganz/Reddit

“At my local grocery store, your dog may stay in an air-conditioned “house” outdoors while you shop.”

© TonsilStoneButter/Reddit

“There’s a lockup for your motorcycle helmets in this mall in Paris,”

© reece1210/Reddit

“This Vitiligo Barbie doll.”

© Jeffofknight/Reddit

Are these types of inclusive items available where you live? Do you think the mass market needs to respond more to its customers’ requirements?

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