Impressed With His Hard Work, Company Gifts Noida Employee ‘Land On Moon’


You can achieve a lot by putting in a lot of effort! There is no substitute for hard work, and putting in the effort pays off in the long run. It certainly did for this guy and in a big way.

As a reward for all of his hard work, an employee at a Noida firm earned something very unusual. It’s not a bonus or an assessment, but rather a slice of moon land.’ No, we’re not joking!

Iftekar Rahmani, a software developer by trade, was given a “Chand ka Tukda” for his efforts.

Rahmani, a native of Darbhanga, Bihar, runs a software development company called AR Studios in Noida that specializes in Artificial Intelligence, according to various news sources.


Iftekhar also works for Luna Society International, a corporation based in the United States that sells lunar real estate. The organization rewarded him by purchasing a plot of land on the moon, impressed by his hard work and ingenuity that benefited the company greatly.

When he got a one-of-a-kind reward, he was overjoyed and ‘over the moon.’ This is no small accomplishment, and everyone in his family and village should be proud of him.

In his hometown, the news has sparked a frenzy of joy. Iftekar’s family distributed sweets to celebrate the fact that he now owns a piece of land on the moon, the first in his district.