Watch: A Passenger wearing mask licks hands and wipes on train pole in the subway

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A video of a man who licked his fingers and wiped it over the handrail on the Brussels subway was posted online on March 9, amid the coronavirus scare.

The passenger is seen in the video as being mildly intoxicated and the face mask he was wearing is lowered. Then he licks his finger and rubs the handrail over it.

The video was shared on social media by an anonymous user that attracted a lot of indignation and angered attention from viewers of social media.

Brussels Intercommunal Transport Co. reported that the passenger was arrested and the subway train was taken out of the services to be disinfected.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Belgium’s health ministry announced that the number of coronavirus cases had reached 200.

The novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic with a global death toll of approximately 4300.

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