8 Couples Who Prove Love Changes People for the Better


They tell looks do not matter if you are in love. When the feelings reach their strongest, several couples make promises to love one another forever and in every way. But are you ready for the second half to get better? The couples in this article proved by their own example that when you work together towards your target, there’s nothing impossible.

1. You see the story of an unbelievable transformation. Between these 2 pictures, 3 years have passed.

2. Danny and Lexi have lost almost 440 pounds over a year. Their common weight was almost 770 pounds at the time of their wedding, but it didn’t bother them at all. However, soon after they got married they learned that if they didn’t lose weight, they wouldn’t be able to have a baby. Their results are impressive!

3. Over a year, this pair got into the good physical condition and started looking 10 + years younger. Just because they had made a New Year’s resolution on New Year’s Eve.

4. This couple completely changed their lifestyle over 2 years. And it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been mutually supporting each other.

5 This couple decided in 2013 it was about time they began leading a safe lifestyle. They lost 330 pounds together after one year and began looking great.

6. Prior to their wedding, these guys got into great shape. We think they were definitely getting an excess of compliments that day.

7. The pair set a target of losing weight at an age when most people tend to disregard their physical type. They lost 130 pounds together in under a year.

8 Haley Smith loved sweets all her life. But after she was introduced to her by her boyfriend, she said she would change for the better. After 6 months it was difficult to remember her!