Fashion is a very popular style especially when it comes to clothing and footwear. Trends in fashion are influenced by various characteristics like celebrities, cinema and many more. Fashion is, in fact, a style of living.

The word fashion immediately brings to our mind a flare of colors with a spring of glamour. People all around the world especially women are taking to fashion in a big way and the designers are continuously evaluating with different and unique styles, looks and textures.

In 2018 fashion has become even more progressive which does not mean that we have to compromise our comfort and viability. Footwear is always our culpable shopping delight. Before you start shopping for your shoes have a look at these craziest shoes which have provoked the trends.

We are sharing with you some of the craziest shoes you have ever seen so that you can also admire these as much as we do!

1.Whoa! Shoes inspired by dogs!

2. The pearl sandal!

3. Aren’t denim supposed to be worn somewhere else?

4. Fish slippers

5. Lego heels

6. Octopus heels

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7. Back to front boots

8. Flipper heels

9. Elephant ivory shoes

10. Insect Enlocked heels

11. The fluffy slipper

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12. Are these sneakers or sandals?

13. The Heart in this heels

14. Ugly old men shoes

15. Would you wear this? But how?

16. This princess heels

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17. Weird shoe in history

18. Candy heels

19. Gun hoof heels

20. Duck heels

21. What is the hell on earth this?

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22. This pretty black heels

23. Disc shoes

24. Crazy high heeled shoe


25. The 2 healed heels

26. Swimming pool side heels

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27. Banana slippers 

28. 3D printed alien heels

29. Slingshot heels

30. The Tooth sandal

31. Ballet dancer high heels

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32. Grapevine heels

33. Feathered shoe

34. Dustpan and brush shoes

35. Can I just unsee this?

36. Stuck chewing gum high heels.

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37. Crazy silver heels

38. Wire heels

39. High heeled shoe

40. Monster shoe

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