10 Cricketers Who Are Doing Completely Different Jobs Now


6. Saddagopan Ramesh

Saddagopan Ramesh was a significant valuable opening batsman in the global test cricket team of India. Be that as it may, his poor frame for a drawn out timeframe cost him his spot in the worldwide squad. Ramesh surrendered his vocation in cricket and like numerous cricketers do, chose to join the film business.

in case you’re into Tamil film, you may have seen Ramesh in the 2008 flick, Santosh Subramaniam and furthermore, Potta Potti.

7. Andrew Flintoff

One of the best all-rounders in universal cricket, Andrew Flintoff has been a key individual from the English cricket group. He has likewise taken part in the IPL in the wake of resigning from the national group before floating into a totally unique vocation – proficient boxing.

Flintoff, 6’4, put a conclusion to all worries with respect to his vocation decision by whipping America’s Richard Dawson on his expert boxing debut.

8. Profound Dasgupta

Profound Dasgupta was the man in control behind the stumps for the Indian cricket for eight test and five one-day worldwide matches. He was supplanted by Ajay Ratra in the Indian cricket group and discovered his place in Bengal state group where he ventured in as the skipper after Saurav Ganguly surrendered.

Notwithstanding, Dasgupta inevitably stopped to be related with cricket and now he works for CBRE Group Inc., an American land organization.

9. Dilip Doshi

The Indian left-arm spinner was well past thirty when his test make a big appearance. In any case, when he resigned, he had 114 wickets from 33 matches. After resigning Dilip Doshi chose to float totally far from the universe of cricket and spotlight on business.

With his privately-owned company, Entrack International, Dilip Doshi presented the extravagance brands of Mont Blanc pens to India in 1994 and throughout the years, spread it more than 17 boutiques everywhere throughout the nation.

10. Curtley Ambrose

The 6’7, Antiguan express bowler who had been one of the key individuals from the West Indies’ impressive knocking down some pins assault, has earned his name as a legend in the Hall of Fame of world cricket. In any case, years after his retirement, Ambrose made the most fascinating profession move – the most intriguing choice ever.

A standout amongst the most dreaded quick bowlers in cricket’s history, Ambrose is presently a reggae artist who plays the bass in a band called The Baldhead.

All things considered, some of them simply did the ideal switch – others, not really…