Dancer’s Halloween Makeup Mistaken For Medical Emergency At Hospital


A professional dancer caused great fear in a hospital in Michigan when she sought medical help for a panic attack and arrived with realistic zombie makeup.

Jai Fears is an experienced dancer who has performed with big names such as Aretha Franklin and Charlie Wilson and is used to extreme makeup and outfits for shows.

But when she got her makeup made for a Halloween marketing campaign on Monday that transformed her into a bloody zombie with fake teeth and bloody wounds, she got a bad response after about three hours and caused a panic attack.

Professional dancer Jai Fears caused fear on Monday night at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak when she got a bad reaction to a zombie makeup look and a panic attack, but the hospital staff thought the makeup was real

On Monday, Fears received her makeup for a Halloween marketing campaign, but three hours after the trial she received a bad reaction that caused a panic attack and she was taken to the hospital, with the bloody makeup still on.

Doctors ordered her to the trauma centre, thinking that her injuries were real. & [39] [They said] Now let’s bring her back to trauma and she will probably be in shock, she makes no sense, & # 39; Fears remembered