Dancer’s Halloween Makeup Mistaken For Medical Emergency At Hospital


It literally shot at my brain and it just caused a very bad reaction & # 39; Fears said Fox2.

We were preparing for a photoshoot to do marketing for Glam Gore for people who want to do their Halloween makeup, she added.

Fears were brought to Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak on Monday evening to seek treatment.

mother shared photos of her at the hospital and said she & # 39; the trauma team had traumatized

Fears shared fear on Facebook and said: & Please let me say that fear is not a joke or a joke. It was a serious situation that happened at a strange time.

In the beginning, the hospital staff was shocked when Fears arrived, not knowing that she was wearing a very convincing makeup. Now let’s bring her back to trauma and she will probably be in shock, she makes no sense at all.