Dermatologists Share Tips to Reduce Cellulite


You can fight cellulite for the rest of your life without seeing any effects. It could be inherited, in which case no amount of diet or exercise will help. However, there are several techniques for reducing cellulite and enhancing the contour of your buttocks.

1. Deep massage


It’s a massage that involves the use of a vacuum and rollers. According to dermatologists, it can improve circulation and skin look. The main issue is that the results aren’t long-lasting.

Regular deep massage treatments, such as once a week, are necessary to maintain optimum effects. The primary disadvantage of this surgery is its cost. You might have to spend a lot of money to have these sessions every week.

2. Creams


There is no scientific evidence that anti-cellulite creams work. However, it may hydrate your skin and make it appear firmer. Your buttocks will look better, but don’t expect a dramatic improvement. The only thing dermatologists are certain of is that they have no long-term effects. The treatment should be continued.

If you decide to try creams, experts recommend starting with a low-cost one and giving it 8 weeks to work.

3. Body brushing

Dry brushing, according to dermatologists, can be beneficial, but don’t expect to see dramatic benefits. Furthermore, this technique must be performed over a long period of time. The good news is that you can do it yourself at home.

If you have an active skin illness, you should avoid dry brushing since you risk spreading the bacteria. This technique should be done no more than twice a week. If your skin becomes excessively inflamed, reduce the frequency of your dry brushing sessions or stop entirely. Any brush made of natural materials will suffice.

Dry brushing can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Using clockwise motions, brush your skin.
  • Brush lightly where your skin is thin and harder where it is thick.
  • Take a cool shower after dry brushing to help remove any dry skin. Then smooth it out with some oil.

4. Radiofrequency-based devices

Radiofrequency devices have been demonstrated to be helpful at reducing cellulite in studies. A total of 16 participants were tested in this study. They received this treatment twice a week for six weeks, and their thigh circumference decreased by 71.87 percent, and their cellulite improved by 25%.

When you use radiofrequency radiation to heat fat, your skin tightens and your blood circulation improves, which helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite over time.

5. Professional treatment


According to dermatologists, some specialised procedures performed by professionals can be quite successful in reducing cellulite. Subcision is one of the most useful of these techniques. Cellulite is caused by tough bands that are broken up by this manipulation. However, before taking any treatment, consult your doctor.

A total of 232 individuals were studied, and 99 percent of them were happy with the outcome. The effects can continue up to two years. Even after just one session, practitioners have noted improvements.

Which treatment do you use to keep your buttocks in tip-top shape? What treatments have you tried to get rid of cellulite? Were they successful?