These 15 Designs Show How Ingenious The Designers Are


These people are real genius people because they invented the solutions we can always solve. It’s the kind of daily activities that we’ve just naturally learn to bend and adjust but it turns out, simple solutions could have made things easier.

These simple designs show just how different life can be. And now we can’t stop worshipping these designers, hoping they are able to be implemented internationally. These designs don’t even need the most advanced technology to work.

Bless them, designers.

1. This butter’s seal also works like a knife.


2. How to let employees know what you need without making a scene!


3. This plug that solves the national-plug problem.


4. Cutout on the glass wall so you can try the water without burning or freezing yourself.


5. These to-go rolls are inside regular rolls.


6. Only have a USB charger? No problem! Needs to fast charge your smartphone? Yes, it does that too!

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7. A simple cut on this mug that stops drips from running down to the countertop.