Disha Patani Trolled For “Inappropriate” Bralette, Low-Waist Saree At Ambani Ganpati Utsav


Disha Patani: At the Ambani Ganpati Utsav, Disha Patani attracted attention. With her bralette and low-waist satin saree ensemble, the diva stole the show. Actress Mouni Roy from Brahmastra was with her. After striking a photo for the photographers, the two entered the gathering. As soon as Disha’s images and videos appeared online, she received trolls for her “inappropriate” appearance at a joyful occasion.

Disha Patani gets trolled

One person commented, “Only Disha has the amazing talent of making a classy saree look vulgar.” Another user said, “Disha always looks cheap, but Ananya still looked good.”

One viewer’s remark on the video reads, “I haven’t seen Disha in sensible clothes.”

Let’s be clear: DISHA PATNI is not well known for any of her flicks. Her attire is sickening for doing this sh*t on a Hindu holiday, which is such a pure and lovely thing to be proud of! Another commenter wrote, “I don’t get why Ambani’s call her also.

Netizens furious

Disha has no fashion sense, according to an Instagram user. Mouni looks stunning right now! Moreover, this is the first time I’ve ever commented on someone’s attire, but why should you appear unclean when you’re there for darshan? No one is advising you to wear a ghunghat, but at least dress appropriately. It’s not about covering yourself. Why wear this for Ganesh Chaturthi if you can’t wear suits on beaches? There was one more commenter.

Commenters on the video asked questions such as, “What’s wrong with Disha? Has she lost it? What kind of clothes does she wear? We’re in India, after all, and at least the foreigners respect our culture and dress decently,” and “Does Disha ever know how to dress conservatively even at auspicious events/traditional events?”