Durex Trolled Pakistan Team loss In An Epic Way.


The day before yesterday match between Pakistan and India was interesting and it took the cricket fans’ excitement to a whole high level.

Pakistan team players didn’t show even an average performance at all. They were all out in 43 overs only; they could score just 162 runs and this paved way towards India’s victory.

On the other hand, India chased this target in just 29 overs, which was remarkable. People trolled Pakistan too much on social media and “Durex” also joined this trolled league in its own style.

Well, Durex marketing is always very creative when it comes to targeting current topics for their advertisement. It absolutely couldn’t miss India-Pakistan match. It took a dig at Pakistan’s feeble performance in the game. Since they got out very quickly, Durex highlighted that aspect very nicely.

Here’s the tweet;

The text read, “Oh that was quick; last longer in the game”

If you are 18 plus, you must have certainly understood the meaning behind this, isn’t it?

We loved Durex marketing creativity this time too as past one. As a brand, Durex has always tried to maintain fun and humour in its posts. Also, the messages are spot on.

Did you like the poster?

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