EaseMyTrip Co-Founder’s Chat With Candidate Over Last Moment’s Refusal To Join, Goes Viral


Before I started working for my current employer, when COVID-19 had made the job market more competitive, I was so upset. In order to get a job, I spent hours participating in role plays, timed evaluation methods, and video interviews on several platforms.

Not just myself, but a lot of other people are also awaiting their chance to land their ideal careers.

Similarly, recruiters experience pressure and frustration. Finding and hiring the ideal candidate whose qualifications fit all the criteria might have taken weeks or even months. The job seeker took you up on your offer.

Others, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate the opportunities they were given. Candidates can have a change of heart and decide not to join the company they were chosen for just before the start date. It may happen to any organisation; it is not just a problem for tiny businesses.

Prashant Pitti, a co-founder of EaseMyTrip, recently provided an example of how a candidate politely declined to join the company right before the official joining. He posted a transcript of his interview with the chosen candidate, and it has since gone viral.

EaseMyTrip co-founder shared a chat with a candidate who refused to join at the last moment

Co-founder of EaseMyTrip Prashant Pitti recently created a stir online by posting a problem that businesses commonly face on social media. Mr Pitti published a screenshot of text messages from an applicant who abruptly decided against working for the company.

Along with the screenshot, he wrote on Twitter,

“Someone pls solve this hiring issue. This is hugely prevelant & ends up wasting so much time & resource Once a candidate accepts offer-letter, companies wait for months & rejects all other potential candidates. But candidate decides on very last day, that they won’t be joining”

He added,

“Many people falsely equating this to, employers firing people. Firing and quitting happens all the time. Real equalizer would be, if employers also start to offer-letter and then on joining-date say NO to candidate, as they found better employee! Would this be acceptable? Big NO”

He went on to say,

Also it’s very common, 25-40% of the hired candidates, say they won’t be joining at the last minute. And its not just the juniors, happening at senior level equally. If this is happening to an org as big as ours; I can’t even fanthom what’s happening at newly launched startups!

The post sparked discussion once it was shared. Some people concurred with Pitti’s words, while others had opposing views. A few commenters shared their own experiences, either as employers or as employees, in addition to responding to the piece.

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While many supported the employee

The CEO of the Bombay Shaving Company, Shantanu Deshpande, also encountered a flurry of opposing opinions regarding a social media post earlier this week. He advocated for undergraduates in his position to work 18 hours per day rather than attempting to strike a work-life balance. Prashant Pitti is currently a target.