Elephant Carefully Climbs Over 5ft Wall In Attempt To Steal Mangoes


A Lancashire gentleman caught an amazing moment a specific agile elephant climbed over a 5foot wall in an attempt to steal mangoes from a Safari Lodge.

The visitors at the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia left for their noon Safari drive when the adult elephant paid an unanticipated visit.

A gentleman from Lancashire captured an unforgettable moment when a certain agile elephant scaled a 5-foot wall, attempting to snatch mangoes.

The general manager Ian Salisbury, 68, spotted the elephant calculating how to carry his 4-giant legs over the stone without falling.

The manager’s captured hilarious pictures showed the animal slamming his legs against the wall, the same way a human being would cross the obstacle.

Successfully wandering into the area, The Bushcamp Company’s managing director, Andy Hogg, the lodge ‘s owner also caught the massive attempt on the creature as well as its failed fruit search.

The managing director of The Bushcamp Company, Andy Hogg, the owner of the lodge, also caught the enormous creature attempt and its failed fruit hunt.

Surely this unexpected creature was too late to search for mangoes that were out of season.

Within October and mid-December, a family of elephants visited the site in Southern Africa and this unforeseen mammal was undoubtedly too late, hunting for mangoes that were out of season.

‘He opted for the most accessible route and made himself at home. The guests were surprised by the sight of an elephant ascending. They were in amazement that climbing over the high wall would bother them. At the time, they were all out on a Safari drive in the National Park, so guests were all sad to miss seeing the whole scene.’ said Ian of Bacup.

‘He opted for the most accessible route and made himself at home. The guests were surprised at a climbing elephant ‘idea.

However, the lodge has a central open foyer area which mostly attracts an elephant family in early winter. But usually, the elephants take a stoned path, rather than a direct wall road.

‘He was a weird man, he wanted to investigate. He wanted to get to the central area where a large mango tree would grow. He was obviously hungry and hoped to get some wild mangoes, even though there are currently no left.’ Ian added.

He continued: He came, stretched over, looked around, ate some grass and then curiously turned round before returning the same way – quite amusing. His easiest way to get there has been to scale a high wall. Climbing that far ‘is really unusual behaviour for an elephant.’

Hungry Elephant Climbs Over A 5ft Wall In Attempt To Steal Mangoes