5 Embarrassing Off-field Moments Which Cricketers Faced


We’ve all had embarrassing experiences in our lives, both in the past and present. Also, what’s the harm in laughing a little when we reflect on the preceding few days? Cricketers, like the rest of us, have their share of awkward moments, and it must’ve been a roller-coaster of emotions at the time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most awful instances:

Flirty Chris Gayle in speaking with the interviewer

Mel McLaughlin interviewed Chris Gayle during the Big Bash match in 2015-2016. Chris was perceived as playful and “pleasant” with her. As a result, he was supposedly forced to pay a $10,000 fine. The whole thing went wrong because he said to the interviewer, “Seeing your eyes for the first time is pleasant.” Hopefully, we’ll be able to grab a drink afterwards. “Baby, don’t blush.”


Is Yuzvendra Chahal in need of numbers?

Chahal probably only wanted to make some “friends” on Twitter at the time because it was so new. So he made a public post to acquire their phone numbers. Now that we think about it, these are definitely the most cringe-worthy tweets ever, but we would’ve done the same thing anyhow, according to our personal history records.


Hardik Pandya talks about losing his virginity while on the air.

Hardik talked about his s#x life and other topics on the Koffee with Karan show. He supposedly stated that when he had it with some female, he informed his parents. His motto for informing his parents was “Aaj karke aya.”

As a result of this, he was suspended by the BCCI, and they were unable to travel to Australia in 2019.


Aditya Tare is teasing SRK.

Because of his actions toward the Mumbai Indians players, SRK was banned from the Wankhede Stadium in 2012. Everything cooled down until Aditya decided to play a personal game with him, adding to the already tense scenario.

He openly stated that SRK was inebriated, albeit this was not confirmed. Meanwhile, this post resulted in a suspension from cricket for a period of time, and he faced repercussions.


Yuzvendra Chahal and his lack of social media skills

Yuzvendra is on this list again. He attempted to make another “friend” online by responding to her storey (could’ve done better, but this is the tried-and-true method of initiating a conversation). We can’t say we blame him, given that he’s a social media dinosaur.

When the model confronted him, he claimed that he had not responded to her claims. His companion, on the other hand, did and asked her how she was doing. At the very least, he didn’t use the “it was a dare” line (or maybe he just doesn’t know what that statement means).


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