Epic Tweets That Explain How Marriage Really Works

Epic tweets, Marriage, Works, true, cares,

1. That’s An Impressive Way Of Stealing Snacks

This guy is fifty steps ahead of his wife and everyone else.


2. When Your Child Is More Mature Than You

That was a coordinated attack on the husband in my opinion.

3. Epic Tweets About A Wonderful Thing Called Snacksiddent

What I want to know is were the cookies chocolate chip?

4. I’m Pretty Sure She Picked Serial Killer Documentaries

They always like to sleep to that sick shit.

5. It Was Really Funny At The Time

Trust men to make dumb decisions like that.

6. His Name Might Be Henpecked Hal But He’s Actually A Chad Hal

Epic tweets made by husbands before they were thrown out of the bedroom and forced to sleep on the couch.

7. Her Husband Has Got His Priorities Set

Or maybe that’s because you don’t treat your children like you would treat wood?

8. It Is Like That Sometimes. Or Try All The Time!

But men still won’t remember the important dates.

9. That’s One Way Of Telling Your Husband To Join A Gym Or Start Exercising

Epic tweets packed with pure sass.

10. Bro, What The Hell Happened To My Brain Cells

Gotta hand it to the mannequin guy. That must have been one realistic mannequin!

11. That Is The Age-Old Question: Where Would You Like To Eat?

And the answer to this question doesn’t even exist.

12. I Googled Quiche And Now I’m Hungry

Get yourself a man like that.

13. Epic Tweets About The True Side Of Marriage That Nobody Cares To Tell You About

People screaming at the TV are straight-up annoying.

14. Wait, Both Of Them?