12 Examples Proving Anyone Can Become Hot for a Photo in Just 2 Seconds

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Internet bloggers often share photos of the most common photo cliches. We show that the secret behind some celebrities ‘ fit bodies lies in practiced poses and proper lighting. The most curious thing is that the same tricks can be replicated by anyone.

1. Accent the foreground

The more closely an object is placed in front of the camera, the larger it will look in the photo, the more important you need to remember. This should always be considered, particularly if you want your hips and bottom to be accentuated. For instance, the one from the side is a good angle. Move your body weight to the closer to the camera’s side. The ass’s going to look rounder. You should push the other leg a little in front of you. It won’t mix with the front leg this way, and your entire pose will look well proportioned.

2. Even volume

Another way to make your booty look great is to take a half-turn picture standing. Move your body weight to the closer to the camera’s side. For both cheeks to look oval, the other leg should be moved back. Otherwise, if you put the “far” leg in front of you, in the places you least want it to look flat and far too thin.

3. Graceful silhouette

Don’t turn your body or stomach to the camera; you’re going to end up looking sluggish. Your tummy should be tucked in, your tush down, and your lower back bent. Spread your shoulders and move a little forward to your upper body. And your hands are going to be further away from the camera and not look massive. Move your body weight to the back leg and balance on the toes of the other leg to make your legs look stronger.

4. Curves

A strong lower back curve is one of the key features of all positive pictures of the female buttocks. The more pronounced the curve becomes, the more it becomes around your buttocks. Here’s some great advice about choosing clothes for jeans, shorts, and bikini bottoms: it’s better to pull them a little higher than you normally wear them. This little trick produces a healthy body’s visual effect.

5. Lean forward

Placing the camera with your back has its complexities. Lean a little forward and curl your bottom back. You can put your hands in the air to make the photo even better. The waist looks smaller and the entire body seems proportionate.

6. Hips on the same level

Stand up to the camera when you take a photo, but do a half-turn toward it. This way, even if you don’t move the bodyweight to one of your feet, your buttocks would look great. Remember the main thing— it’s better to bend your knee leg slightly and put your weight on your toes. Your curves are going to be on the same level and your ass is going to look toned.