12 Examples Proving Anyone Can Become Hot for a Photo in Just 2 Seconds


7. Long legs

There’s a good rule for sitting positions that always applies: don’t slouch and hold your back straight. Cross your legs and put a little higher on your upper leg knee. The other leg should be bent in the camera’s direction.

8. Move the hips back

This trick works best if you’re standing in a half-turn or taking a side picture. Move your body weight to the back leg, raise the knee’s front leg and place it on your feet. The pose is almost the same as if you are using your hips to make a smooth round movement. Your hips are going to look round and firm. You should put your hand on your stomach.

9. How to handle the hands

The location of your hands in a photograph has a huge significance. For instance, don’t put your hand on the hip when posing in profile and don’t cover it with your fingers. You will end up hiding your own curves this way. Putting your hand a little over the hip without rubbing it is safest. This is how models build a fit body’s impact.

10. Model poses

Ideally, the hands of the model should be positioned properly to make the pose look complete and harmonious. You should put your hands on the hips, as we described above. Note, arms and hands are not supposed to look nervous. An unusual posture is bent at the elbows with both arms. Another embraces the waist slightly, the other is almost opposite to the first. Wrists and hands should be relaxed, put nearer to the chin, or at the end of the neck. Remembering your posture is also very important. You don’t need to bend or slouch your back if you want to take a high-profile shot — just lean your shoulders forward.

11. Posing on your knees

Whether you’re taking a photo from the back or from the side doesn’t matter— the rule is the same. Place your knees apart from each other first. Secondly, don’t sit on your heels. Lifting the body a little higher and curving the lower back. Your curves are going to look very attractive.

12. Accentuate your hips in front photos

Ironically, even if you take a photo in front of the camera, you will highlight your hips. Don’t be like a soldier. Changing your body weight to one side and moving your hip there too is better. With the right focus on your beautiful curves, your whole profile will look more elegant.

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Preview photo credit saggysara / instagram