5 Exercises to Get a V-Line Shape Girls Go Crazy Over


When you’re exhausted at the gym to drain your body without getting any results, this article is for you. But note, certain people are more genetically predisposed and the cycle is shorter and simpler for them.

Before you start training

Lower your body fat first. When you are not lean, you will be wasting your time and energy doing the same exercises. So, there is only one trick in this case: you have to eat fewer calories than you consume. Anything else. And yes, things aren’t easy.

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Second, more night. The more you sleep, the more the growth hormone is released, studies have shown. That hormone is exactly what you need to bring your body to perfection and regulate your fat level. And it is best not to sit up in front of your screen or TV too late at night.

It’s time to work out after you’ve packed your body.

1. Hanging leg raises


Boost your legs until they make a 90 ° angle for your thighs. You should bend your knees a little bit. Stay a second in this position then lower your legs.

This exercise can be repeated 3 times (10-20 reps) or until you feel the pain.

2. Reverse crunches

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Some of us struggle to get our legs back up in the reverse crunch exercise. On your course to perfect repitions you can practice these in the mean time to help improve your reverse crunch Tips: ▪Let your legs drop down at their own speed onto the bosu ▪Use the momentum from the contact with the bosu to raise your legs back up ▪Lift your hips, glutes and lowerback off the ground to increase the contraction of your abdominal muscles ▪Place your hands under your glutes if you're really struggling with form Workout: 3 x 20-25 repitions Rest – 1 minute Like, comment, share and follow for more content #nattyhealth #ripped #diet #fitlife #exercise #eatclean #follow #aesthetics #strength #reversecrunches #love #muscles #crossfit #gymmotivation #fitnesslife #aesthetic #inspiration #fitfam #healthylifestyle #shreddingforthewedding #beastmode #diet #sixpacks #nutrition #tips #gymtips #core #sport #exercise #personaltrainer #bodybuildingmotivation

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Lay down with your legs extended and arms crossed over your ass. Stretch your arms out, hitting the ground with your hands. Let them drop your legs at their own pace. The knees are meant to come into your mouth.

Perform 3 20 Reps sets.

3. Lying leg raises

Settle down for this workout. Your back should be flat on the floor, your hands at your sides on the floor, and your feet should be together. Consider holding your legs as straight as possible and raising your feet up.

Perform 3 15-20 Reps sets.

4. Ab wheel

Keep the ab roller with both hands for this exercise, and place it on the floor in front of you.

Stretch your body slowly by rolling the ab roller out in front of you. Don’t hit the surface, just try to get as far down as possible. Instead, just step out.

Do 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets.

5. Ab V Hold


Do so at daily end workout. Forme the body with the letter V. You need at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes to remain in that spot.

Bonus: Here is how a body can change itself and work out while adopting a balanced diet:

Did you ever try any of those exercises? Let us share your thoughts in the comments section below!