Expectations Don’t Always Match The Reality, Check These Out


When we buy something after seeing its advertisement and then what we get after that is completely two different things, does it happen with you? yes, right? many times! Well, This happens with most of the people. Here are some of such examples listed below.

1. What the restaurant menu showed us vs what we get

That is why we have trust issues.

2. How these Burger in advertisement look so perfect?

I knew the burger looked too good to be true. Now I am sure.

3. This makeup cost $60

And they say it is done by some ‘professional’ makeup parlor. She showed them the picture on the left and asked for a few drops of fake blood. Well, so much for professionalism.

4. Online order fails

They were supposed to be four strings and coral roses not pink.

5. Let’s try and find out 10 differences

It should not be hard, as a drink looks nothing like the picture in the menu.

6. The birthday cake I ordered after seeing the advertisement online.

7. How it looks and what they shipped!

Take a look. Aren’t your expectations just smashed?

8. Dream vacation always look perfect but they aren’t

Well, nothing like you thought the destination would be.

9. What you dream about your vacations and what you get to see when you go there!

This man is not very happy with his view. When your expectations are crushed and you have done efforts for it, it really hurts.

10. Online shopping has become disastrous.

11. Norway doesn’t seem so pretty now

You expected to reach the clouds and it rained upon you.

12. The forbidden loaf of bread

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