8 Extraordinary People Who Have Their Own Way of Doing Things


A study conducted by Daniel Gilbert reveals that in autopilot mode, we spend 46.9% of our lives. We are just following the normal rules and we are not paying attention to the world around us. However, to develop new ways of doing repetitive tasks, often people turn on their imagination and manage to look at their lives from a different perspective.

1. If you need to post a new beach picture right this minute.

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2. Cheeseburgers are enjoyed also by peasants.

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3. Is she from another planet or what?

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4. The easiest way for the police to get along.

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5. It’s cold, but you’ve forgotten about your sweater.

6. “I wanted to be a guy all the time.”

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7. That’s when you want to hide from your problems.

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8. A very affectionate old lady.

9. When you’re too tired for a plate to wash.

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