It is said that no comparison should be made between two persons as each individual is unique in some sense and sky is the limit for those who have the confidence of doing just anything.

Marit Smit is not an ordinary person; she is a model but with a little difference. When Marit was born, her left arm was missing and she had to grow up being a different girl. But that didn’t affect the confident lady and when her sister started doing photography, she began to do modelling for her. This all started in a bid to provide some help to her sister but gradually, Marit found the mission of her life in modelling and initiated the quest of becoming a role model for the special girls who find it difficult to face the world.

Now she can be seen in the bridal editorials, covers of magazines and beauty shoots. Slowly, she is changing the attitude of every girl born with a missing arm and making them confident. But this is not the end and her journey will continue till it becomes normal to cast a girl in a wheelchair in a TV show or girls with one leg doing modelling for famous magazines.

Check out some of her lovely pics!



Peaceful soul..

She’s amazing!

Sober and pretty!

Nice sweater!


Lovely smile!

What a confidence!

There’s something different about her!

Full of life!

Sparkling beauty!



Vibrant & energetic!

We are proud of Marit and believe that she is a true role model for every person! In fact, she inspires the fighter within us. Do share your views with regard to her in the comments section below.

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