12 Facts That Reveal How Special Your Body Can Be


The human body possesses a lot of secrets. And we believe most of them haven’t been explained or even discovered yet. Fortunately, the world of modern medicine has managed to find answers to some tricky questions and shares its breakthroughs with us.

12. One human can feed a million mosquitos.

A human’s body has enough blood to feed on 1.2 — 1.8 million mosquitos. One mosquito drinks about 0.003 ml of blood over the course of one bite, therefore, a whole army of tiny bloodsuckers would be needed in order to suck out all the blood of a human.

11. Men’s breasts can produce milk.

All humans, regardless of gender, have milk glands, milk ducts, and nipples. Men’s nipples can be stimulated to produce milk. This can also happen due to a hormonal imbalance caused by severe stress.

10. A woman is able to give birth to over 40 children.

Due to their genetic background, some women are capable of giving birth to and raising several dozen children. The official record is held by a Russian woman who allegedly bore 69 kids in the 18th century.

9. Facial hair is the fastest growing hair on your body.


If you ever ask the male population about this, they will agree that they have to “face this fact” every day when they have to shave. It’s probably good that a lot of women find bearded guys attractive, right?