Who’s a nerd? Well, a nerd is a person who is overly intellectual, obsessive and lacks social skills. While all our favorite celebrities have nothing in common with these qualities, you will be surprised to know that they were not always the same. Some of them were geeks too. In fact, it was puberty that did all the magic. Most of them had a fear of talking to a lot of people in school. Yes, the sexy Hollywood stars that you drool over now were not always the same.

Here is a list of Hollywood Stars who once were a nerd!

1. Demi Moore, a name which resonates good looks and talent. Childhood nerds turned into stars, she is one of them.


2. Kate Moss is more than the Hollywood stars we see, she is an art. Who would have thought nerds can change so much?


3. Robert Downey Jr., the man, the legend, the very leader of childhood nerds who turned awesome.


4. Dwayne Johnson, the highest paid Hollywood actor of the current time. Not many stars have such awesome journey like this man.


5. Ariana Grande, this young singer has just come out of her childhood and has a long way to go.


6. Scarlett Johansson, one of the best looking and talented stars of the current time. Nerds do transform into someone so beautiful.


7. Well, the two pictures do tell what puberty has done to Joe Manganiello. He is currently scheduled to play Deadshot in The Batman movie.

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8. Channing Tatum, he looked way too good to be a nerd in his childhood.

9. Matthew Lewis, an actor who has been loved ever since the day he joined the Harry Potter series. The clumsy-looking kid shocked the world with his transformation.


10. The rap god, Eminem. The mere fact that he once learned the entire dictionary says how big a nerd he was.

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11. Ryan Reynolds, he was born to be awesome. Also, there will never be any Hollywood star who would justify Deadpool the way he did.


12. Jennifer Garner has one of the prettiest smiles ever. Good looking nerds are few and she is one of them.


13. Emma Watson 

This list incomplete without our nerdy Hermione. The crush of every kid went through some magical transformation.


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