Watch Video: Famous Wrestler Hit Mia’s Chests So Hard That She Started Crying.

WWE , wrestling training , Crying, slap,

Mia Khalifa had insulted WWE and called it fake. She received too much hatred for the same; last week, we showed you how she was invited to the hoop via a well-known wrestler and was asked to the touch his private part.

WWE , wrestling training , Crying, slap,

If that was not enough, Mia got it once again from any other American wrestler Thunder Rosa; yes, while Mia attended a wrestling course in Texas last Sunday, she got slapped on her chest through the wrestler.

WWE , wrestling training , Crying, slap,

The actress was especially interested in doing a crash course in wrestling; she entered the hoop to analyze a few strategies, however, all in vain. Thunder Rosa slapped and punched Mia’s chest again and again and she was left in tears. The adult actress just couldn’t undergo the pain.

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She even shared the video of the same on Twitter; check it out…

Here’s how Twitterati reacted;

Why didn’t you pass it?

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