Johnny Depp, the 55-year-old Hollywood actor has made his fans worried after his recent pictures. The reason is his condition seen in the pictures. Johnny Depp looks thin and sick in his photographs and that brought the attention to him. People are having so many thoughts about it that maybe he is prepping for his another role but fans are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with Depp.

Johnny Depp is recently seen taking a tour with his band ‘Hollywood Vampires’ in Europe. He is the guitarist of the band.  And meanwhile, his posted photo created the fuss on the internet. Some are stressed and rest are wondering but everybody is concerned about his condition. In the first picture, he is posing with a lady wearing hat along with the striped tee and jeans.

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In the second pictures, he is standing alone wearing a cap and some other accessories and a leather jacket with jeans. He is even unrecognizable in this pictures and people are having a hard time realizing that is none other than Johnny Depp.

Fans of Johnny Depp has taken the twitter on fire by constantly twitting on his recent viral pictures. Different people are twitting about their different opinions about this. Some are pretty sure that the dedicated actor is losing weight for his next movie or something for method acting. And some things he is on drugs that made him look like this.

“Is Johnny Depp method acting preparing for a role possibly? I would have barely recognized him though.” wrote a fan on Twitter. “Breaks my heart that Johnny Depp looks so ill,” wrote another worried fan.

But whatever the reason is we just hope he is okay and dealing with life with a healthy body.

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