8 Features That Were Once Considered Flaws but Became Advantages in 2020


Lots of women are searching for flaws in their appearance: they sometimes believe their hair is too thin and their skin is far from ideal. Thankfully, there is no common norm today, so we believe all women in their own special way are amazing.

Light dye-free hair


In the past, it was thought that light, wheat-coloured hair colour was boring and women who had such hair used to dye it a brighter blonde. But the more natural you look today, the better, that is why this colour of hair is popular again. Jennifer Lopez ‘s hair, for example, is now this colour. In addition, this colour enhances certain facial features, making modifications related to age not as noticeable.

Chubby cheeks


Girls who have chubby cheeks are happy to have them now. Most girls don’t like plump cheeks, but they look younger than they actually are. On the opposite, some actors are proud of their noses and want no plastic surgery. Gigi Hadid, for instance, opts for more natural cheeks.

Chubby cheeks how to get

Facial exercise. Often known as “facial yoga,” facial exercises tone the facial muscles to a more youthful look. A 2018 Respected SourcestudyTrusted Source of people performing 30-minute facial exercises per day for eight weeks produced faces that were “firmer and more rounded like a younger face.”

Grey hair


Worldwide, designers are shocked by women who are willing to challenge all the laws and expectations that have been put. For hair and skin, the most important thing is to be light, smooth and well-treated. Grey hair looks fine, in this case! Most actors under the age of 40, are no longer even colouring their grey locks.

Natural lips

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Girls used to dream of having big lips not all that long ago but this is no longer a thing anymore. People like to see a mirror image of reality. In fact, most people value natural beauty which also influences the urge of women to improve their looks.

A non-perfect skin tone

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The days of contouring Kardashian-style are in the past. More natural appearances (as in Meghan Markle’s) are becoming more common. Makeup artists and celebrities are still applying a touch of rouge to their looks today to make it seem more normal.



Any season, Freckles are a classic theme. Even women who don’t want to draw them in have freckles. Filters which add freckles on Instagram are very common, by the way. Therefore, if nature gave you this gift, then attempting to conceal it would be a crime.

Big hips


We ‘re living in a time when women with big hips are very popular, after many years of skinny being the mainstream norm. For list only a few celebrities, we ‘re talking about Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé.

Now it’s incredibly common to have a body shape where the hips take centre stage. And this pattern doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.