Female Bodybuilder Banned From Flight Over ‘Embarrassing’ Outfit And Vents Out Frustration


Deniz Saypinar, a female Turkish bodybuilder, recently described a frustrating experience she experienced at the airport. The woman had booked a ticket from Texas to Miami, but she was denied boarding owing to her unsuitable attire. The 26-year-old vented her rage on Instagram, where she has over one million followers.

The bodybuilder claimed she was informed she looked “nak*d” by American Airlines.


Deniz explains that she fled Turkey because she was wary of conservatism and wanted to “experience freedom,” and she is disappointed by this happened. She was the first Turkish woman to be granted IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) accreditation, and she had only recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

“You will never believe what happened to me at Texas Airport,” she wrote on Instagram, tears streaming down her face.


“Nak*d” and “dist*rbing” were among the comments used by other families to characterize her clothing.

She went on to say, “I’m a sportsperson, and I’m stuck here until the morning. I like to dress in feminine outfits that show off my femininity, but I never dress in a way that offends others. I’m civilized and grown enough to understand what I can and cannot wear.”

Saypinar has been a personal trainer for seven years.

In 2021, she became the first non-US citizen to win the US National Bikini Fitness Competition.


“I don’t deserve to be treated as if I’m the worst person on the planet simply because I wear denim shorts. What distinguishes people from animals if we can’t even control our most primal impulses?”

American Airlines has issued a statement “On July 8, a customer traveling from Dallas-Fort Worth to Miami was denied boarding by American Airlines. All customers must dress suitably, as indicated in the conditions of carriage, and objectionable clothing is not permitted onboard our aircraft. Our policy was explained to the customer, and he was rebooked on a later flight. Since then, the consumer has arrived in Miami.”


Her fans have reacted positively to her outburst.


As one person put it, “Even in the year 2021, there is still a clothing code to obey when boarding a plane, but only if you are a woman. This is completely absurd.”

“Teach society to respect women, rather than telling them what to wear or do,” another person said.