The journalist was live on TV when the incident happened. While she did not react immediately, she said that she tried to find the man after the live report ended.

A Colombian journalist covering the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia for a German news channel was recently kissed and apparently groped by a football fan on live TV.

Julieth Gonzalez Thoran was in Saransk and was live on camera when a man suddenly entered the frame, kissed her on her cheek with his hands purportedly on her breast. The journalist – working for German channel Deutsche Welle – took to Twitter to share the video of the incident and said that the said fan waited till the live telecast began before making his move. She claimed that she had been at the spot for some time but that the man took advantage of the live reporting in front of the camera to ensure she could not react immediately. “I was at the spot for almost two hours before the live telecast began – preparing my things but nothing happened. But when we went live, that man took advantage of it,” she was later quoted as saying. “He came at me, gave me a kiss and touched my breast.”

In the video, There is seen continuing with her report but she later claimed that she went looking for the man after her live telecast had ended. She could not find him.

After the fan went, she continued to report. She said,

“I had been at the scene for two hours to prepare for the broadcast and there had been no interruptions. When we went to live, this fan took advantage of the situation. But afterwards, when I checked to see if he was still there, he was gone”

So guys, what do you have to say about this incident? This was really wrong, isn’t it?