Guy Refuses To Pay $126 For His Date’s Food, Check Out What She Did After That


Back in the old days, When a less number of women were working compared to the men then it was quite normal for a man to pay the bill while dating with her.

While this still prevails in some countries. If we take an example of Denmark for example, men insisting on paying for everything can be considered as rude.

First dates for everyone can be a little bit awkward, and every little doubtfulness only adds to the confusion between them. A Reddit user u/CuteBananaMuffin decided to share his story recently, and it’s fair to say, his date was the old-fashioned type.

After doing the quite good on their first date, he guessed he’d try to ask her out again after that.

He presumed it had gone pretty well on their first date, and possibly it had, up until the fateful moment the restaurant bill appeared on the table.

Scroll down below to check out how this entitled woman responded to his request.


Here’s what others had to say about the exchange









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