Fish Vendor Sends Son To Medical School Despite Meager Earnings

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Mother is an amazing creature who can do anything for her child. This is just another story which will prove that. A fish vendor made all her work since late at night to make sure her son can get the best education. She let him get the medical school despite earning a less amount from fish selling.

Nanita Ronquillo is a fish businessperson in the Philippines who goes at the market every day. while the 55-year-old mom only earns a little amount daily, she didn’t let it obstruct her from helping her son John Nico Ronquillo from fulfilling his dreams. Nanita struggled hard from morning until late at night so she could manage to send her boy to medical school.

Nanita used to spend more than 12 hours selling fish to pay for her son’s medical education.

There is no doubt that Nanita has lived a tough life. She had left her husband after she found out that he was cheating on her and already had a new family. But, she never gave up on John Nico, who wanted to be a doctor. But in order for her son to get a healthier life, Nanita had to work long hours just to earn enough to pay for his education.

Nanita typically leaves the house at 5:00 AM daily to sell fish at the local market. She would keep working as late as 6:00 PM in order to make enough to pay for her son’s tuition fees. Despite her hard work, there were times that John Nico had to quit school because they couldn’t save enough money.

Nanita is now the proud mother of a young doctor.

Luckily, Nanita’s hard work all paid off. John Nico graduated from medical school although it took him six years to finish a four-year course. She certainly is proof that hard work and dedication will eventually help you achieve your dreams.