Maharashtra MLA Says Hema Malini Drinks Daily But Doesn’t Commit Suicide


On one side, we have people like Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar who are doing all they can in their capacities to help the farmers of the drought-stricken region and then there are some politicians who are yet to understand the seriousness of the problem and its long-term effects.

Statistical reports have claimed that more than 200 farmers have committed suicide only in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra in the first three months of 2017.

However, these statics mean nothing to Independent legislator in Maharashtra, Omprakash Babarao alias Bachhu Kadu, who had the most bizarre take on farmer suicides in India. Addressing a press conference in Nanded district, he dragged Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini and said,


“Hema Malini drinks every day, but does she commit suicide?”

And as if this statement wasn’t bad enough, he came up with another justification. Pointing out at farmers and their drinking habits, he said,

“75 per cent MLAs, MPs, journalists drink… even Hema Malini drinks heavily… but has they committed suicide?.”

Ánd he wasn’t done there. Hold on. He had more to say. Dragging Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

“The expenditure of Gadkari’s son’s wedding was around Rs 4 crore, should we wait for him to commit suicide?”