8+ Greedy Landlords Who Show Their True Colors During The Pandemic


We’re all in together in this. We are all suffering from businesses needing to shut down, rotting raw materials and rapidly declining demand. No one’s going to come out of this unscathed, even though you have worked from home to start with. Not getting out makes some folks nuts.

Even if you’ve been a bad landlord, now’s such a perfect time to prove you still have a touch of goodness in you at least. Now is not the time to raise the rent when people are unable to travel and not the time to say ‘business as normal’ when businesses are closed down everywhere they are except important businesses. And not for driving people to the verge of despair.

It’s tough on us all but by staying out when it’s safer inside, some people are stranded and in huge danger.

The Internet has done its magic until you cuss and our fellow brother is hanging on.

A heads-up phone call will be good and polite, just saying.

The landlord requested a check for non-existent stimulus + he owes $20.

No one is free from this peril.

Should landlords honestly assume that 90 per cent of tenants would attempt to get through each month without paying their rent?

And you wonder why people do not understand you, covetous landlord?


During a pandemic someone is trying to care for the sick, should you not have any compassion?