Man Seeks Annulment After Woman He Married Via Matrimonial App Turns Out To Be Gangster On The Run


When a man in Porbandar, Gujarat, learned that his wife was evading the police in Assam, he petitioned the local court to have his marriage dissolved.

Through a matrimonial website, Vimal Karia met and fell in love with his future bride. But, he later learned that she was a wanted mobster from Assam who had previously been charged with fraud, theft, murder, and hunting.

Vimal Karia & Rita Das

According to a complaint made to the Porbandar SP office, Rita Das of Guwahati, Assam, and Vimal Kariya of Porbandar’s Jalaram Kutir are met through the Matrimonial App.

Rita stated that she was divorced in her matrimonial profile.

Rita and Vimal started communicating, and they shortly agreed to get married. Prior to their wedding, Vimal requested Rita for divorce papers, but Rita lied to him and said that she had already been married previously, in the panchayat, and that is why she doesn’t have the official wedding certificate.

Rita gained Vimal’s trust, and the two were wed in Ahmedabad. After only six months of marriage, Rita left the home under the pretext that she had business in Assam about some land, but she never came back.

An Assam court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant on Rekha Das, who identified as religious, and it was not possible to bond her out.

Vimal Karia & Rita Das

Vimal said that Rekha had hurried to Assam to resolve a land dispute after getting a call from her mother.

The fact that a case had been brought against her was verified by a call from her attorney, who assured her that it was nothing serious.

The Dainik Bhaskar crew called Rita Das after learning about this tragic incident and spoke with her on the phone. Rita acknowledged that she was still married when they were speaking. Rita asserted, “The car theft lawsuit was filed in 2015, and I wed Anil in 2007. Since then, I haven’t spoken to Anil. Currently, Anil Chauhan is incarcerated.”

Rita Das

Notwithstanding Rita’s protests to the contrary, she was indeed detained in 2015 for her role in the theft of a BMW from the Assam Assembly. According to the Guwahati Police, Rita is the one who issued Anil a ticket allowing him to access the assembly grounds.

Rita had acquired the admission pass with the aid of her friend, the then-MLA Rumi Nath. Anil was a car thief, but the MLA was unaware of this. Rita revealed that her husband had indicated an interest in seeing the property when Rumi Nath questioned her about it.

Vimal discovered that his wife’s name was Rekha Chauhan, not Sharma when he was looking over the divorce documents. A short Google search revealed that Rekha Chauhan is a “wanted” felon.