Do you know what’s badass? Dancing in the middle of the mall like everyone’s watching and believing you’re an absolute rockstar.

The Internet has paused their binge-watching spree of Sacred Games, to admire the very dreamy moves of Mehroz Baig.

Dance, Punjabi song, Long Laachi, Internet, Mall, jaw, drop,

Pro tip: Do NOT Miss THE END.

Dance in Hyperstar on Laung Laachi.PS- it was a dare 😁Insta/Snapchat- iammehroz

Posted by Mehroz Baig on Sunday, 8 July 2018


He was in Dolmen Mall in Karachi’s Clifton area when he decided to break into a dance. We don’t exactly know the series of events that inspired this outbreak of kickass moves but thank God for it. According to DNA, this young man from Karachi did this on a dare. What he probably didn’t know what that this dare would make him a bit of an Internet sensation!

Dance, Punjabi song, Long Laachi, Internet, Mall, jaw, drop,

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His video has over 4 million views already and his fan base is expanding by the minute. Baig is a media science student who loves to dance. In fact, he has his own YouTube channel, which you can check out if this video makes you want to see more of him.

For some context, here’s the original song.

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