20 Guys Who Cut Off Their Long Hair, and Now They Look Like Super Stars


You can alter your appearance in a variety of ways. You can get new shoes, piercings, and tattoos, for example. However, getting a fresh, completely different haircut is one of the simplest ways to alter things up. This is true not only for ladies but also for guys, who can get a fantastic makeover at a hair salon.

“I wore my hair long for four years, and there you have it. I’m in terrific shape!”

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“I shaved 1.5 years worth of hair growth!”

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“I have a lot of ideas about cutting my long hair. “How did I get on?”

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“Just like John Malkovich!”

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“I ultimately made the decision to chop the flow, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

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“My odds of getting a date have greatly improved.”

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“A few days ago, I felt compelled to make a significant change.”

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“I went ahead and had my hair cut.”

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“After a time of no self-care, I eventually decided to go to the barber.”

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“I had reservations about my lengthy tresses. I took the plunge and had it shaved, and I couldn’t be happier!”

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“I just cut my hair after growing it out for 18 months.”

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“The shorter hair looks much better. “Wonderful decision!”

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“I’ve had a big change.”

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“Fantastic! Both styles are fantastic, but the short one works best for you.”

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“Wow! The difference is mind-boggling!”

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“I was terrified, but the response has been incredible, and I love it!”

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Straight up Alexander the Great. @Avatar_Yung-T**g

“You went from 1975 to 1994.”

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“I said goodbye to my long hair.”

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It’s a refreshing change! You were born with a powerful jawline, but your lengthy hair took away from it. / Reddit / Sevuhrow

“New cut, new me”

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