Heartwarming Moment Colour Blind Girl Sees Colour For The First Time


This is the heartwarming moment a colourblind teenager not only gets to see colour for the first time but gets to witness her first colour sunset too.

This goes without saying, but in life, we tend to take things for granted, such as having a roof over our head, food to eat and a clean bill of health. Cliché as it sounds,  it’s true. We spend so much focusing on the minor setbacks in life we don’t take time to appreciate the things we do have.

For someone such as the young lady in question, who finally gets the opportunity to see colour, it really makes you reassess how you view your own personal plights.

The girl in the video – who isn’t named – is given a birthday gift from her boyfriend, Colton Donnell, for her 17th birthday. When she opens the present it looks like a pair of fancy sunglasses but it turns out there’s so much more to them.

Colton explains:

I have known that she is colourblind since I met her during our sophomore year of high school. When I knew she was going to turn 17 in a few months, I began saving so that I could buy the glasses.

When she puts on the glasses she goes into a state of shock as she soon realises it actually helps her to see colour. The moment she realises what’s happening shes shout ‘holy sh*t’ and hugs her boyfriend.

Overwhelmed with tears of joy she tells Colton she ‘can see sunset’ and that she loves him ‘so much’.

Colton goes on to explain:

I ordered them and as soon as I was in possession of them, I took her to a spot that I knew we could see the sunset and waited for the perfect time. Then, I gave her the glasses and waited for her to figure out what exactly what they were.

While you can live a relatively normal life while colourblind, it can feel like your missing out on a certain aspect of life that everyone else can enjoy.

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video credit: ViralHog