Facebook has faced an apparently ceaseless backlash over the last month as their data misuse controversy continues. 

The latest findings suggest a potential 87million users may have had their personal data shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Data was collected through an app named ‘This is your digital life’ – designed by researcher Alexander Kogan. 270,000 users downloaded the personality quiz which allowed him to harvest the data of millions.

The data was then passed on to Cambridge Analytica, who used it to target voters in the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook is now allowing users to view whether or not their data was compromised. You can click here to see if you have been affected.

Users who have been affected should also see one of these warning screens:


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Facebook has also suspended another data analytics firm, Cubeyou. Reports suggest the firm may have acquired data for academic purposes before making commercial use of it following a partnership with Cambridge University.

Allegations which both Cubeyou and Cambridge University have denied. Stating that the app made it clear that data was for use in both academic and business purposes.