15 Hilarious Times Things Took an Unexpected Turn


Murphy’s law states that if something can go wrong, it will. And we’ve all had the experience of things going wrong despite our best efforts, which may lead to some amusing scenarios.

Only by seeing the silver lining in the middle of the darkest of storms can we improve our lives. We love to highlight the humorous side of life, even if it’s the result of an enormous failure, because we believe in this idea.

I was preparing the horse for the weekend celebration when it suddenly farted. The nozzle should’ve been placed somewhere else.

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Meet the man with the loudest voice on the planet. How else is he going to be able to talk above the fan and the vacuum cleaner?


I used to like removing the heads from my sister’s Barbie dolls and sketching a face on the stump underneath when I was younger, but my daughter took it a step further.

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Why can’t my automobile travel on this road if the road roller can?

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I expected the banana to be frightening, but I got shivers when I saw the number of retweets.

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Sigh…Generation Z!!

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Is it possible to live in a fish bowl?

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This is the perfect male body; you may not like it, but it represents optimal performance.

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He might have been trying to do yoga, but he picked the wrong spot.

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When you want to mow the lawn quickly and use nitro boost on the lawnmower:

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Is it a Canadian fast-food franchise or Photoshop?

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You write what you see, but you now have her sketch as well.

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On the first bite of my bagel, my over-medium egg chose to shatter its yolk.

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My partner gave me this photograph after I requested for a cucumber face mask.

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Every one of us has had a major setback in our lives. Tell us about your experiences and how you were able to recognize the humor in them. If you have photos, even better. We’d be delighted to see them.

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