Hilariously Honest Illustrations About Girls That Show How Cool It’s To Be Yourself


There are several benefits attached to being authentic. It’s a good thing for the world to know what you can and can’t do. Your friends, employees, partners, and many other related beings tend to learn the weakness and strength of whom they interact with.

And the way you present yourself says it all. Humility is however not the same as self-degradation – there are obviously different.

To explain further about being oneself, an Illustrator named Cecile Dormeau, a French woman has tried to bring out the beauty of being an ordinary woman.

Before her artistic journey, she was a pixel pusher in Hamburg and Belin. While she had equally worked as an art director in Frankfurt – particularly for an Ad company, she has brought happiness to her followers with her intelligent, yet ironic artistic illustration.

Mostly shared on her Tumbler and Instagram page, she has revealed through her illustrations that people who are themselves live happily and fulfilling.

More info: Instagram | Tumblr