16 Hilariously Unrealistic Female Outfits In Movies That Don’t Make Sense


We may thank celebrities, notably movie stylists, for a variety of historical and present fashion trends. However, there appears to be a slew of thick, boundary-pushing looks in films that fall short for every triumph. Some of the clothes worn by female actors have crossed the line between indecent and ridiculously unrealistic. Seeing a woman kick a** is somewhat liberating, especially when knowledge of the need for women to always be on their alert arises regularly.

However, there is a problem with the way these female actresses are styled, as evidenced by our compilation. From Catwoman’s costume in Batman Returns to Night Bitch in Kick-Ass 2 to Laurie from Watchmen, you’ll undoubtedly agree with our concern or possibly deduction. Take a look, ready yourself for some face-palming moments, and sure, the term might just slip out of your mouth. Are you already pondering? You don’t have to, so have fun!

Night Bitch.

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Night Bitch is one of the Kick-Ass-inspired superheroes. She pretended to be a holy citizen, but her attire is the most provocative of all the Justice Forever superheroes. You’ll agree that this character’s upper top isn’t suitable for a real combat, let alone comfy.

Laurie Jupiter.

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People couldn’t get enough of Laurie’s brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, plump lips, and a beauty mark below her right eye when she first debuted in Watchmen. She stands 5.8 feet tall and is known to be skilled in martial arts and gymnastics. Her black bra and thong costume, which is concealed by a see-through yellow dress and high leather boots and gloves, isn’t appropriate for battling crime.


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To continue the motif of mutants being spies, Marvel introduced Mystique in X-Men: First Class. The protagonist is a stunning blue mutant with shapeshifting abilities, making her an ideal spy. But, in comparison to her comic-book attire, which was revealing but not quite naked, Mystique in the movies was practically naked.


Dimension Films

Tina was a professional wrestler in the film Dead or Alive who sought to prove that she was a serious combatant. But who fights in a Canadian tuxedo? Tina did, despite the fact that it wasn’t quite open. Even more intriguing, she wore full hair and cosmetics.

Harley Quinn.

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In the Suicide Squad comics, Harley’s costume nearly covered her entire torso. However, in the film, her Sequin underwear appears to be significantly more than intended. The majority of individuals have stated that they like the actress’s appearance in the Birds of Prey Version.


Marvel Films

In Iron Man 2, Marvel’s attempt at Natasha’s hair is undoubtedly a flop. Her costumes are always top-notch, but there have been a few scenes where this specific wig has blown out perfectly.


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While the Catwoman movie is said to have had minimal cultural impact, Patience’s attire, which includes an underwire bra, is enough to send boobs flying mid-fight. It’s probably safe to argue there’s a double standard at work here. What’s more, why was so much skin exposed to harm?


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Who isn’t a fan of Wonder Woman? The Amazons’ costumes, on the other hand, aren’t particularly appealing. Diana’s clothing, in particular, appeared to resemble armour, which would have been extremely useful as a kind of defence. However, it hardly covered her torso, and strapless tops are notoriously difficult to wear in a fight.

Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Pfeiffer portrayed Catwoman in 1992’s Batman Returns, and her suit appeared to be extremely tight. We can only image how difficult it was for her to put on and take off such a costume.


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Padme’s first dress was very stunning. However, in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, her look was changed to make her appear more sexualized. She was very young, and yes, ripping the garment in this manner was unnecessary.

Mother Russia.

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One might be perplexed as to why Mother Russia chose to wear this triangle-styled bra in the first place. Besides, triangular bras don’t provide adequate support, and hers resembles a push-up, hinting padding. What, on the other hand, was the point of exposing the stomach, which is so open to attack?

Baby Doll, Rocket, And Sweat Pea.

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Who fights in heels for real? Sucker Punch featured a baby doll, a rocket, and Sweat Pea. The drama thriller has a cult following and is still remembered as one of the most perplexing films ever made. Despite the fact that the film is filled with strong women, it is decided that it was made by a man!


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Once again, a man wrote the screenplay for Elektra! It’s impossible to fight in a lingerie corset. You can only imagine how Elektra felt with all the wires strewn over her body and boobs that could escape in the middle of a fight. Who planned this ensemble in the first place?

Letty And Kara.


Letty and Kara’s outfits aren’t really appropriate for this battle scene. Letty wasn’t wearing a bra, and formal clothing in the midst of a fight scene can be quite stressful, especially for women. Put yourself in Letty and Kara’s shoes for a moment or two.


2002 Screen Gems

How did Alice from Resident Evil manage to fight in this clothing without stumbling? This slip dress is just ideal for a night’s sleep and should not be worn in public. It is, however, known as a hero’s costume.


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This is unmistakably a dance outfit! Sally, on the other hand, wore this silk gown in the film Watchmen. There is nothing protective or supporting for a battle scene, and it appears to be flimsy at best.