Hilariously Weird Mannequins That Make Shopping Even More Fun


Mannequins are particularly helpful in demonstrating what kind of sold clothing looks like on us. That is if the mannequins reflect reasonable perceptions of the body of a human being! Department stores prefer to have such ‘ideal’ bodies as mannequins, as all of us have known. Seriously, do they expect us to grow the head of an alligator while wearing that shirt?!

From exploding heads to mad kids giving people nightmares, here are the strangest mannequin encounters ever that will make you laugh your ass all the way to the end.

These guys with towels!

When they make an Obama mannequin.

In Japan, suits rock you.

The guy flirting!

Did you notice my friend in there?

“Sir, we need to appeal to our French customers more.”

Talking about nightmares from kids.

Mannequin has parenting done well.

This is some realistic display.

That one very energetic colleague.

That’s an ornament. Yes, this definitely looks like The Sims now.

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