How One Couple Is Making Rs.3,25,000 Per Month Easily & Enjoying Life More

TEI Team

When Ajay & Anita’s daughter turned six, they discovered how much it’s difficult for them to fulfill her daughter’s need in the salary of just Rs. 15,000 per month. Just like other’s parents, they both wanted to give the best education to her daughter and wanted to fulfill her all wishes but because of less income, they were unable to satisfy her daughter’s requirement and even their own.

Ajay was working with a firm as a clerk while Anita gave tuitions at home. They hardly earned Rs. 15,000 per month. As an excellent internet savvy, Ajay enjoyed browsing the internet and one day he found an online program authored by William called Digital Profit Course. The program is about making money online and from the comfort of home. Being an internet lover, he always wanted to do some kind of online jobs and without given a second thought, he enrolled in the program and got access to his life changing journey. This was the beginning of their luxurious and comfortable life.

We caught up with Ajay to ask how a simple online program has helped them to scale their standard of living so successfully.

Tell us how you got to know about this online program?

One day, I was browsing the internet for some online job vacancies when I found Digital Profit Course. I read about this course completely and as I needed reliable income for me and my family, I enrolled for it and today I am happy that I took that decision at the right time.

How much are you earning per month?

I enrolled for Digital Profit Course a few months ago and today I am earning a decent amount of around Rs.3,25,000 per month. Although, this is not fixed and based on the time we invest while working.


A cheque Ajay received first time using Digital Profit Course

What kind of program is it? What kind of work you are doing with it?

After paying the reasonable amount for the online program, I was introduced to the kind of work I have to do. I got access to Digital Profit Course and started following the program instructions step by step and did my own research as well to learn the techniques they covered quickly.

What gave me the success, though, is that I was extremely willing to learn something new to lead a comfortable life.

“I’m enjoying a lot working from home and saved a lot of time and money too, especially when I earn a lot more than my office job.”

What are some key issues you think people can face by joining Digital Profit Course?

I made the decision because I want money for a comfortable life and if we have a clear thought of what we actually want from the work we do then I think no one will face any issue in doing any kind of job. When we usually found some online work and if they charge some amount, we thought that they are scam or fake but the fact is if someone is giving you access to learn something or guiding you at every step or providing you resources than it is obvious that you have to pay to utilize those resources and guidance. Charging the reasonable amount for services you are providing will not make any company fake. There are also some people who feel that they can miraculously start earning by just registering, without making effort. I think no one can earn without doing anything. You have to put your efforts and need to invest your time to get real results with Digital Profit Course.

What challenges do you face while working from home?

The largest challenge that anyone working from home can face is getting the right guidance of utilizing the resources available. If you have someone like the customer support at Digital Profit Course with you all the time to help you at any step, there would be no issue at all in working from home. Even I saved a lot of money and found so much time to spend with my family since I started working from home.

What is the actual requirement to get success with this program? Is there any specific skill and knowledge people should have for this program?

I liked Digital Profit Course because there is no particular skill or qualification required to get success with it. Basic computer knowledge and internet connection are sufficient and I think when we all can operate a smartphone easily than anyone can join this program and can lead a luxurious life in just a month.

“With basic computer knowledge, I made my way to earn Rs.3,00,000 per month from the comfort of my home – Ajay Kumar”

What would other key advice you like to offer to others looking to start working from home?

I think the biggest key is to focus very clearly on what you want and to work on that very passionately and seriously like you do for your office jobs.

There are back corners of the internet world where people are actively looking for home based jobs solutions and no one is serving them. Well, Digital Profit Course can actually help those people for a long-term income source.

Here’s how you can enroll for this online program:

  •  Step 1: Visit Digital Profit Course, and register yourself to get instant access.
  •  Step 2: Follow the instructions at Digital Profit Course to set up your account.
  •  Step 3: Get income by cheque or direct bank transfer daily.