How to Choose Your Size Wisely When Shopping for Clothes Online


One of the most common issues when purchasing clothing from online retailers is sizing. You’re afraid to buy something you can’t put on because you can’t try it on. It’s also true that there can be a wide range of sizes and suits depending on the platform and brand.

1. Consider the model’s physique.


Look at the model’s height and build if the garment you’re considering purchasing is worn by one. Although her body might be different from yours, you can see how the garment suits her and get an idea of how it would look on you in the picture. When the online store displays the model’s height, the size of the garment she is wearing, and, in some cases, her own measurements, this trick becomes even more effective.

2. With someone’s assistance, take the precise measurements.


Ask someone to assist you in taking the measurements so they are as precise as possible. Most stores have a reference chart in inches or centimetres so you can shop with confidence. Some also let you calculate the size of the garment that will be the best match for you based on your measurements.

3. Read buyers’ comments and reviews.


It’s beneficial to read other people’s feedback on the product. You can be directed on how large, huge, or narrow the products in your online shopping cart are based on other people’s experiences with their purchases.

4. Check to see the country the sizes are coming from.


When selecting a size, it’s important to consider where the size guide came from, as European, American, and Asian sizes vary according to the standards they adhere to.

Asian countries, such as China, have smaller average population sizes. If necessary, request all of the garment’s measurements in centimetres from the seller. Remember to read the comments if there is no way to contact the shop.

5. Please review the shipping policies.


Before making a purchase, make sure to read the shipping and return policies. This could help you avoid complications if the garment doesn’t suit your body properly. The rules aren’t the same in every store. Don’t toss the ticket or take the tag off. In the event of a return or substitution, you’ll need them.

6. If you’re not sure what size to choose, go for the bigger one.


person’s body is different, and your waist size can vary significantly from your hip size. It’s easier to reduce the area of a garment that fits a little loosely than it is to expand a garment that doesn’t have extra fabric to spare at this stage, so moving up a size is a good choice.