9+ Annoying Problems That Are The Direct Result Of Wearing A Br@


Br@s-Br@s… Where can I even start? For most women, they’re a necessary evil (or not, if you want to go br@-less, I endorse that). But there are certain, um, experiences (okay, problems) that come with these garments for those of us who do wear br@s. How many of these do you think familiar?

1. This picture speaks a thousand words.

If someone has ever heard you say, “My bra has deceived me,” that is why. Here right this little boy. Underwires give but also taketh away underwires.

The lot of them, they’re traitors.

2. Strapless. Bras.

Everywhere the true enemy of Bra-wearers. Sure, there are many ways it can go— if you can get the straps into the hooks. And if your breasts aren’t big enough to keep up. And if the plastic is not rubbing you raw… you know how it is.

3. Laying down.

There’s something so tragic to see thousands of people agree with this message because that means we’ve all been victims of the Disappearing Bra.

Special guest bonus: a bra that remains in place while the boob flops out.

4. Whatever these are.

All right, be blunt. Has anybody tried one of these and they are even working? Because I have a feeling that anyone who doesn’t have already perky B cups won’t have luck with them.

5. Taking them off? Also an issue.

This is a concern for… let’s be honest almost anyone who has ever been cold.

So trying to do that when you’re cold and want to just get into bed? Ugh-Ugh.

6. Losing stuff.

Have you ever tucked some money, lipstick, or even a key in your bra, just to find it when you later take it off and it all hits the floor?

Not me either. It’s certainly not happened to me often. NOTHING.

7. Underboob sweat.

It’s a thing and it’s so uncomfortable. And if there’s an underwire bra on you know what? It’s not just sticky either, but it can chafe you too.

There is no win in boobs football.

8. Yeah, this.

I swear I am not boasting when I tell you that I snorted when I saw this.

When you sleep I swear boobs have their own minds. In reality, just scratch that. They actually have their own minds, regardless.

9. Stairs.

Anybody else keeps their boobs for this very purpose when they go up and downstairs? It’s easier just, let’s be honest.

Plus, all that bouncing hurts when you run them up too fast!

10. Last-minute plans.

When Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson sends me a text to hang out, I don’t put my bra back on for anyone. It’s off, I’m relaxed and I’ve got my baggiest top on. The day is over, everyone.