18 Husbands Anybody Would Be Lucky to Marry


There are numerous ways to express your love for your partner. While some people appreciate traditional shows of devotion, others take it to the next level by playing practical pranks on their loved ones to keep things interesting. The husbands below have one thing in common: their sense of humour rivals their affection for their spouses.

We now showcasing the most humorous examples of a husband’s love shown through cutting wit and blazing with passion — each in their own unique style.

There aren’t any curtains? There aren’t any blinds? What does it matter?

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“My spouse agreed to take our cat to be groomed. I wish I could have joined you.”

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If you’re looking for a “Because I’m about to become a father for the first time, it’s difficult for me to keep my emotions hidden. I hope my wife is pleased with the way I captured her expression.”

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“While my wife was at work one night, I put up our nanny cam’s motion detector and set it to email my wife. Then I disguised myself in an old Halloween costume and went for the kill. My wife is still enraged, but I find it amusing.”

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“I was only requesting that my dog stand up straight. My wife thinks I’m crazy.”

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“For my birthday, I requested a Coach bag from my husband. I’m not sure whether to laugh or scream.”

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When you’re trying to figure out how to decode a love message and all you discover is one smart hubby.


It takes a lot of courage to dedicate your work to these lines.

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“My blunder was asking my spouse to paint us both at the same time. We ended up with a painting that was “not worthy of being displayed.””

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“I requested my spouse to alter the engagement images for me. Apparently, he associates marriage with war?”

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“Because my wife was too shy, I had a maternity shoot done on myself.”

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“My wife requested that I post a picture of our newborn daughter on my social media profiles. When my daughter is older, I think she will enjoy this. The wife is still enraged.”

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The nicest gift a husband could possibly give to his wife!

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I’m having trust concerns right now.

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“For my wife, I placed this under the bathroom door. She’s requested that I renovate the house and construct a separate barthroom right away.”


“I requested that my husband spend time with our dog. How could someone be so cruel to a poor tiny dog?”

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“I only left the baby for ten minutes with my spouse…”

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I’m dropping hints to my wife.

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Aren’t these husbands the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? How could their wives not like spending time with them? Has your husband done something similar to you, or do you know someone who fits this description? Please tell us about them in the comments section below.

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