‘I Gifted Nora Fatehi A Car’ Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar On His Relationship With The Actress

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s name has been in the news recently, and you may have heard or read about him. He’s a businessman who became a con after being designated the main suspect in a Rs 200 million extortion case. His photos with actress Jacqueline Fernandez recently went viral on social media after their kissing photographs went viral, fueling relationship rumours.

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Sukesh was born into a middle-class Bengaluru family and began working in the real estate industry shortly after graduating from high school. He has deceived a large number of individuals by impersonating a bureaucracy, a politician, a businessman, and even a lawyer.

He met an actress named Leena Paulose, who acted in Madras Café, in 2010 and they married in 2015. After being accused of operating ponzi schemes, the husband-and-wife team was arrested many times.

Sukesh continued to run an extortion ring while in prison, and according to reports, he also gave several actors a slew of lavish gifts.

Sukesh confessed that he did, in fact, deliver a nice car to actress Nora Fatehi during his inquiry with the ED in October of this year.

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Nora Fatehi later admitted that she was invited to an event by Sukesh and his wife Leena and that she was not involved in any money laundering schemes. “As a witness, Nora Fatehi, who was the victim in this crime, is cooperating and assisting the investigators in their investigation.” “We want to be clear that she was not involved in any money laundering activity, that she does not know or have any personal ties to the accused, and that she was summoned by the ED to solely assist with the investigation,” Nora said in a statement.