If Indian cricketers were cast in the Avengers Superheroes

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What if Indian Cricketers were cast as an Avengers superheroes? Do you really excited to see the result. Check out the below hilarious transformation for Cricketers as an Avenger Superheros.

Have A Look A These Funny Cricketers As A Avengers Superheroes.

#1 Cheteshwar Pujara as Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is perhaps one of the most underrated Superheroes in the Marvel universe. He is a magician who fights against all magical threats. In the infinity war, when most of the superheroes failed to get hold of Thanos, Doctor Strange almost did the impossible.

Cheteshwar Pujara is also one of the most underrated cricketers in Indian cricket. He has played so many match-winning innings for Team India but hasn’t got his due rewards. In the recent series against Australia, when the big names started to crumble under pressure Pujara stood up and performed exceedingly well. Pujara might not have great magic tricks like the Doctor, but he surely resists a lot of magic tricks thrown at him by the bowlers.


#2 Rishabh Pant as Ant-Man

The Ant-Man did not feature in the infinity war, but going by the End Games trailers, he is all set to play a huge role in the final installment of the series. The Ant-Man does look tiny but can cause huge damage to the enemies. The Indian Cricket team also has someone who looks small and innocuous but can destroy the opposition with his power pact batting.

Rishabh Pant might be new to international cricket but has already created a lot of impacts. Pant has been in tremendous form in Test cricket and was named ICC’s Emerging Player of 2018. Also, Ant-man takes things a little lightly which is something that many people feel about Pant too.


#3 Ravindra Jadeja as Black Panther

One characteristic that has always been associated with Ravindra Jadeja is his agility. Jadeja is one of the best fielders in World Cricket.

He has often changed the complexion of a match with his fielding. His strong arms and safe hands make him a standout on the cricket field.

Black Panther is one of the most agile superheroes in the Avengers team. The King of Wakanda has the superpower of strength and excellent stamina. He has been involved in a lot of fights in the limited movies he has done for Marvel.


#4 Kuldeep Yadav as Spiderman

Spiderman is the youngest member of the Avengers team. While his abilities were always noticed by everyone, not many thought that he will create such a big impact with his superpowers. The teenager isn’t afraid to fight for the right against anyone. His webs are his biggest strength and he can tangle anyone in them.

One Indian player who spins a web around the batsman is Kuldeep Yadav. The youngster has troubled some big names of World Cricket. He was able to make a name for himself in the alien conditions of England and South Africa.


#5 Harmanpreet Kaur as Black Widow

Black Widow is the only female member of the Avengers team. Even though Scarlet Witch has joined the group in the last couple of movies and Captain Marvel will be seen in the End Games, the Black Widow is the only permanent female member of the Avengers team. The Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson in the movie, is a well-trained spy who is well equipped to fight and gets ruthless during assaults.

Harmanpreet Kaur, the dashing Indian cricketer is known for her aggressive style of play. She is known for taking the attack to the opposition and when on a song can decimate any bowling attack in the world. Harmanpreet displayed her belligerence against Australia in the 50-over World Cup that was held in England. The intent with which Harmanpreet plays her cricket is similar to how the Black Widow does her bit in saving the world.

#6 Bhuvneshwar Kumar as Hawkeye

Hawkeye has been in the Avengers team from the first part of the Avengers series. Despite his contributions to the group, Hawkeye’s presence has often gone unnoticed. He is also the least celebrated Avenger.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has also had a similar graph. For starters, just like Hawkeye doesn’t look like a superhero from his physique, Bhuvi doesn’t look like a fast bowler from his lean stature. The Indian seamer has often won matches with his swing bowling but unfortunately, he hasn’t got enough credit for it. Bhuvi has improved tremendously in the past couple of years and has become a regular in the Indian ODI and T20 sides.

Just like Hawkeye is accurate in shooting his arrows, Bhuvi is very accurate with his bowling. The room for error is very slim, both for an archer as well as a bowler.

#7 Jasprit Bumrah as Thor

Thor is one of the strongest superheroes in the team of the Avengers. Thor, the King of Asgard, has shown the power of his hammer in the Avengers movies. The God of thunder, as Thor is famously known, has the ability to win the battle for the Avengers by his brutal power.

While he might not be as well built like Thor, Indian pace sensation Jasprit Bumrah is no less a threat to the opposition. A little unorthodox, just like Thor, Bumrah’s rise in Indian cricket has been meteoric. While not many people were convinced about his success in international cricket, Bumrah has proved all his critics wrong and is currently one of the top fast bowlers in the world. His raw pace and pinpoint yorkers in the death overs are a nightmare for any batsman in the world. While Thor destroys the opposition with his hammer, Bumrah does it with his lethal bowling.

#8 Rohit Sharma as Hulk

Hulk has always been an enigma. The Incredible Hulk has a lot of history attached to him and very few people, including himself, have any idea when he will turn from a sedate-looking Bruce Banner into the hostile Hulk. But once it happens, there is no way the enemies can be saved. His brute power and anger can cause mass destruction.

Rohit Sharma’s career has been nothing less than a mystery. Always been criticized for not doing justice to his talent, Rohit has finally come in his own in the last few years. Rohit might get out early at times, but when he is well settled, he can annihilate the opposition bowling-attacks. The Indian opener has as many as 3 ODI double centuries to his name which shows his appetite for big runs.

#9 Virat Kohli as Captain America

Captain America is the leader of the team of the Avengers Superheroes. The Cap has been vital in uniting the superheroes and making them function as a team. And even though there have been differences between him and Iron Man, both the key men are expected to work in tandem in the final Avengers movie. Virat Kohli does the difficult task of leading a team full of superstar cricketers too. The 30-year-old himself is one of the biggest cricketers in World Cricket.

#10 MS Dhoni as Iron Man

Well, Iron Man is most popular for all his gadgets and his cool attitude at most of the times. No matter how frightening the situation might be, he contrives to keep his calm and this is one quality of his that fans love about him.

On the other hand, MS Dhoni is a picture of calmness. He captained team India, which is considered to be the toughest job in the world.