Illustrator Draws Her Everyday Life And Struggles With Her Boyfriend In 15+ Adorable Comics

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Being a woman is not as easy as it seems and each one of us have our part of struggling stories to share. For some of us, it’s the makeup, menstrual mood swings, or waxing. And a Luxembourg based illustrator Valérie Minelli, popularly known as Mrs Frollein has depicted these everyday struggles and life with her boyfriend in hilarious comics. She has been making comics for around five years now and each of her illustrations is quite relatable.

Although she says that she is a pretty rough person in real life and swears a lot but she doesn’t really use that kind of humour in her illustrations. Valérie illustrations are inspired by her daily life and her relationship with her boyfriend. “I always hated most of the couple comics out there, so I decided to draw some myself. Some of them are just my own thoughts, almost like writing a diary.”

“I mostly use an IPad and Procreate to draw the comics and some Photoshop,” she told us. “When I began drawing them, I used some fine lines and paper, which worked too!”

“I am still a student, so I don’t do comics for a living (I study comics though, which is amazing!). I work as an illustrator for children’s books and try to manage to do all of it. For now, webcomics are just a hobby, but I have some amazing followers who buy my prints or buy me some Ko-Fi to support me, so I can at least make a little money by drawing comics. Hopefully, I can someday make a living from just comics.”

Currently, Valérie Minelli is a freelance artist who creates relatable comic illustrations as a hobby but someday she hopes to do it full time.